Pet Portraits

An oil painting is an excellent way to celebrate your pet--and makes a great gift too! 

I want to create a memorable piece you will love and cherish. If you would like an oil painting of your pet, please consider the following:

  • Images - simply put, the higher quality the photo, the better! Please submit .jpg or .png images. 
  • Color Palette/Additional references - Would you like your pet to be featured at your favorite vacation spot or with his favorite toy?  I can combine photos however you would like. 
  • How much artistic freedom? -  If desired, I can add a unique element by incorporating my style of abstraction and/or surrealism as can be seen in the work on my home page and the image to the left. 
  • More than one pet? Each additional animal is $100.00

For more Information, email me at

Please note, a 50% deposit is required for all oil paintings. 


Price List

11”x14” $300.00

12”x12” $325.00

16”x20” $350.00

18”x24” $400.00

20”x20” $450.00

20”x24” $475.00

24”x24” $500.00

24”x36” $525.00

36”x40” $600.00


*Please note, larger sizes require the canvas to be hand stretched. Prices will be determined on a case by case basis.