Ghost in a Box

Aside from a few tweaks that I may do, this is mostly finished! This has been a fun and challenging project which I began in a tromp l'oeil night class in February. I wanted to make the dog look reflective with an amorphous color transitioning from warm to cool throughout its body. 


Triptych Process Shots

I've begun a short series showing two Greyhounds facing an abstract central form. 

I painted these in the beginning of January while listening to a LOT of Joanna Newsom and hiding from the cold! I'll get back to them eventually... 


Progress on "Ghost"!

I've been painting a beautiful Whippet name Ghost! I'm really enjoying working with these warm white and dark sepia tones. For the next sitting, I will be working on the fabric underneath and around him. Only after that is complete will Ghost get his final layer!